What is iCut Smart Shorten

November 10, 2021
8 mins read
What is iCut Smart Shorten

What is iCut Smart URL Shortener simple tool that enables you to generate a long tail URL into a smart shorten URL automatically and manually. that takes a long URL and turns it into whatever short smart URL you would like it to be.

Whenever you want a small short cut smart URL of any long URL, you can do it with our powerful tools. With iCut in you can promoting your product simply such as Custom Landing Page, Overlay to display masses, Event Tracking, and many more.

I want to clarify It couldn’t be any simpler than that a URL shortener. iCut is a link compressor, URL condenser, vanity URL creator tool, same as a bitly. that’s them all covered. Which are all different ways of saying the same thing, which want to take long and ugly links, then we make it a small, short, and smart cute URL. To keep it simple and easy to remember short smart links, you will stick with the term URL shortener from today.

How Does iCut in Work?

iCut smart shorter tool allows you to generate long into a short link that you copy/paste any social network to increase your product review and sales.

If you are a Digital marketer, Influencers, YouTuber, and Blogger then this tool is best for you. iCut in has given you free and paid tools which can be used lifetime free and 7day trials (PRO).

► Free Tools: if you want to use our free tool just register and start generating long tail into short smart URLs without paying. it is 100% FREE for everyone.

► Paid Tools: Most customizable our powerful tools enable you to customize whatever you want such as Geotargeting, Device Targeting, Event Tracking, Custom Domains, Custom Splash Pages, Overlay Pages, Developer API, and much more. You can check more opportunity here.

Auto Generated URL?

An automatic generating your long-tail URL into a short smart URL. When you copy/paste a long URL and hit on Shorten button to short link, iCut generating automatically URL for you.

What is iCut Smart Shorten

Custom (Alias) URL?

A custom short URL or branded smart URL is when you’ve registered and connected your own custom domain to make a smart URL shortener. which duty as a base for all the smart URLs you generated. Instead of using a generic domain such as bit.ly or iCut.in, you can pick your own.

What is iCut Smart Shorten